MetInfo enterprise website management system using the steps in establishment of the station

Trial procedure

The first step: Register Space Management Account
Log, register a user account and receive a verification message on the account to verify, if not receive verification email please contact customer service;

Step two: open trial space
(Online Help:;

Step three: Upload file
Upload MetInfo enterprise website management system installation files (such as compressed upload need to be online extract), the system files can be downloaded from the official site (on-line help:;

Step four: open database
(Online Help:;

Step Five: Install Web Site Management System
Free installation of the system is running third-level domain (online help:;

Step Six: Manage Site
Go to the website the background, add, modify your site information and content

The official opening of the steps

Need to contact the meter extension information can be carried out after the payment of fees

The first step: the implementation of all steps in trial operation

Step two: to positive space
(Online Help:

Third step: register a domain name
(Online Help:

Step Four: Domain Name
(Online Help:

Step five: binding domain
Log space management background, add the domain name resolved to the space

Step Six: Website for the record
(Online Help:

Step Seven: open mail
(Online Help:


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