Common materials for synthetic fibre sling

Common materials for synthetic fibre sling


Terylene slings with affordable, portable, easy operation, easy maintenance,significant

The characteristics, in chemical fibre sling has the absolute advantage.

In the acidic environment or require a smaller elongation, the main use of theproducts,

General acid and thermal bleaching agent on it is almost no effect, but not suitable for thick sulfur

The temperature outside the scope of acid, alkali and -40 â„ƒ -100 ℃, polyester insafety engineering

Force, elongation is about 3% (untreated).

Acrylic fiber

Almost any acid, alkali had no effects on the polypropylene fiber, it has high strength and resistance.

Ability of learning environment, in the chemical environment of choice for products,the temperature range of -4O ℃ -

8O ℃.


Is widely used in making rope, it can't be affected by grease, oil, and

There is a strong chemical resistance to alkali, ethers and aldehydes, but not suitable for use in acid,

Bleaching agent and -40 ℃ -100 ℃ using other, nylon in safety work

Under stress, elongation is about 6-8%, and if the moisture, strong will loss more than 10%.


Has excellent comprehensive properties, its density is less than 1, the strength is in the present world

The highest, is 15 times of high quality steel. Dinima is a kind of water resistance,moisture resistance, resistance to high

Most chemical erosion, chemical fiber has high crystallinity, in fresh water, sea water or

Moisture are not swelling or hydrolysis. Has excellent resistance to fatigue and wear resistance, the use of

The temperature between -150 â„ƒ to 70 ℃, short time exposure does not result in high temperature environment

Serious performance degradation. 




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