Steel wire rope sling inspection

                                                                              Steel wire rope sling inspection

In the production of steel wire rope slings during spinning and twisting, detection indicators by some means and methods of steel wire rope slings, quality,characteristics as well as the. The test results is to decide whether the product is qualified for. Inspection is the main content of the steel wire rope sling appearance,twisting quality, intrinsic properties (especially the mechanical properties) to carry out the quality of identification. The appearance and the twisting quality inspectionin the production site wire rope sling manufacturing process, quality inspection is carried out in laboratory. Steel wire rope sling appearance and twisting qualityinspection is not generally used for optical instrument and visual inspection,measuring steel wire rope sling twisting parameters by means of the standard ofmeasurement. Steel wire rope sling appearance examination content includessurface fat thin, uniform gap size, color, steel wire rope sling, a cordless femoralloosening, cord exposed phenomenon, there is no broken wire, steel wire crossing,bending, damage phenomenon and packaging quality inspection. Twisting qualityand twisting parameters examined included the pitch and wire rope rigging diametermeasurement and not loose check.

Length of lay wire rope measurement for micro diameter steel wire rope slingsavailable soft white bag on æ»æˆ sling, use a pencil to draw steel wire rope slingfemoral traces, and then use the standard measuring precision are twistingdistance measurement; wire rope with coarse sizes sling, sling and draw themarkers were measured directly in the steel wire rope, measuring the length of 5pitch, take the mean value as the measurement results. Twist of distancemeasurement in the steel wire rope sling twisting process, measured in thepressing die and the traction rope between round sling segments to.

Use vernier caliper to measure the width of jaw with appropriate diameter measurement of the steel wire rope sling diameter, measured by a wire rope slingcircumcircle diameter as measured the diameter of wire rope sling. Should be measured in no case of tension in a wire rope sling line position. Can be measured in the twisting process, also can intercept the sample measurement, in differentFang Xiangqu two section are at least 1m of 4 measurement points, each point ofthe measured value, average value. The triangle strands wire rope sling (seeshaped strand wire rope sling) diameter measurement is highly size measurement of its cross section

Check not loose performance not loose check the wire rope sling should line tied toa wire rope sling end of. Tie untie if wire stock and the stock does not change in the free state of twisting state, does not produce spontaneous tendency is loose, steel wire rope slings are considered not loose. Also in the steel wire rope sling is untiedtwo shares corresponding to about two twist distance long, when the two stocks were re twist to the wire rope sling, wire remains in situ in stocks, shares in the steel wire rope sling should also from complex in situ, in this case, the steel wire rope sling is not loose.

Testing property of steel wire rope wire rope mechanical performance testingmechanics including the cable test and split test, the samples are the twisting the steel wire rope sling intercepting well.

The rope breaking tensile test of wire rope sling rope breaking force is an important mechanical properties of steel wire rope sling. The rope breaking tensile test is carried out in a tensile testing machine, two ends of the sample with the steel wire rope sling specifications for different application of different fixture, the fixture can tightly clamp the specimen, the force evenly applied to sample the stocks. The minimum breaking force should conform to the standard and calculated for a wire rope sling minimum breaking force, kN wire rope sling; D is a wire rope slingnominal diameter, mm; R. As the steel wire rope sling nominal tensile strength,MPa; K` for a specified structure wire rope sling the minimum breaking forcecoefficient.

Some of the special steel wire rope slings should be fatigue test, rubber adhesiontest, flatness test.

Steel wire rope sling split testing of wire rope hanging single wire rigging aretension, bending, 360 degree torsion test, galvanized steel wire for solid coating,thickness uniformity test; the tests were conducted in accordance with the relevant national standards; the test results shall be in conformity with the steel wire rope sling standard index. Chinese steel wire rope sling standards, through negotiation,steel wire rope sling is not measured the rope breaking force, according to theaggregate breaking force delivery, the sum of a wire rope sling the breaking forceis equal to the wire breaking force and.

In order to ensure the quality of steel wire rope sling, in addition to the standard ofsteel wire rope sling inspection, but also by the process specification and processcard on the production of the entire process process supervision and quality inspection.



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