Sling to test how?


                                                                                  Sling to test how?

Rigging is an important assistant tool of hoisting, transport operation, which mainly comprises a wire sling, sling, hook, steel plate forceps etc.. Sling variety, use theenvironment is complex and changeable, the use of personnel is numerous and thequality uneven, risk factors, caused great harm. If used improperly ormismanagement, extremely easy to cause an accident.

The occurrence of some enterprises in recent years. Fracture accident rigging,combined with the safety management practice for years,

Reasons for the sling fracture are analyzed, and put forward some preventive measures, in order to ensure the safe use sling.

Analysis of cause, fracture accident

1 rigging manufacturing non-standard

At present, sling enterprises use divided into professional factory production andenterprise of two parts. Sling manufacturer specializing in the production of low quality products is an important cause of the accident. Some sling manufacturersproduction and testing of products not according to national standards. Such as: afactory in 1999 to buy the ring 8 of rated load 10 tons of welded chain, one of whichis in use the sudden rupture. After inspection, the chain breaks weld was open welding, which belongs to neither the certificate and no inspection mark and thequality grade mark "three noes" of products.

Some enterprises to purchase rigging at the same time, also make full use of theexisting equipment and human resources, own manufacture some simple processand the number of single sling. Enterprise sling, the randomness and blindness,determine the size and material, making method in, often by experience,manufacturing quality and safety performance is very difficult to meet the requirements of use. Such as: I plant a workshop in 2000 2 tons of forging a smallhook, due to not using DG series steel GB (using the ordinary 45# steel)manufacturing, hook was straightened in use, the hanging down, nearly causingcasualties.

2 sling used for personnel safety technology of low quality, poor safety awareness

Sling using personnel quality and safety consciousness safety technology is not strong, not only affects the quality of heavy work, but also directly relates to the safety of users. Its performance mainly has the following several points, one is theuse of staff safety awareness is weak. In the production process, some sling useheavy production, light security, to grab progress, rush deadlines, simplify theoperation process, and even illegal adventure homework and stuffed accident. Two security technology quality of some people is low, they do not understand the basic performance requirements of sling and use, more do not grasp how to calculateand determine the method of hanging weight hanging, so that in particular operation, arbitrary, we could ensure the lifting safety, completely on hit"universiade".

Safety management of 3 sling is not included in the normal channels, extensive management

At present, the safety management of sling, the country has not developed a standardized management standards, enterprises lack the safety management system corresponding safety management, resulting in a loose state sling. On the use of units (enterprises) in terms of sling is put into use, by what department management, long test time, who checks, to what standard should repair or scrapped, these are not implemented. The resulting cannot discover and eliminatethe hidden trouble of the sling, sling "part of long-term sick", until the accident.Moreover, in the workshop or the process of speaking, not a people management,fixed deposit. Who with who, after the throw, which makes rigging fracture greatly increases the chance.

In addition, crane driver's improper operation, lifting up limit device failure is an important cause of rigging fracture.

Two, preventive measures

1 as soon as the crane sling into the scope of national security supervision

By the relevant state departments to formulate corresponding management standards, the sling design, manufacturing, inspection, use and management of the implementation of a full range of security supervision. To implement the "production license" or "security certificate" system on the rigging production enterprises,eliminate undocumented production. For the enterprises in the practice of regular safety inspection system with a sling. Any failure to meet the safety requirements,forcibly scrapped, to ensure that the crane hoisting safety.

2 enterprises should also strengthen the security management of sling

According to the actual production and formulate corresponding sling safety management system, the overall registration in a sling, sling detail card. In eachsling hanging nameplate, name, model, rated load with rigging, put into use date and other contents. Strengthen the daily safety management, sling do special management, special use, stored at a fixed point, periodic inspection, promptly scrapped, and do the maintenance work sling.

3 strengthening safety training sling use of personnel

To strengthen safety education at the same time, to focus on strengthening itssecurity technology to improve the quality of. Requiring the use of personnel mustmaster the knowledge of basic safety technical sling; familiar with the basicproperties of rigging or requirements; understanding in different use environmentscrane rigging center of gravity and the amount of calculation load; master thesafety inspection method with the sling and scrapping standards etc.. Only master these basic safety knowledge, and use in practice, in order to ensure the proper use of rigging, ensure the safety of the crane lifting.

Sling safety, inspection and service standards

1 scope of application

This standard specifies the sling safety, inspection and service standards.

This standard is applicable to engineering work using



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