How to choose and use the rigging?

How to choose and use the rigging?

1, sling specifications, types of choice when selecting a sling specifications, must therefore be load size, shape, weight lifting, and the influence coefficient commonadopted for hoisting methods used included in the calculation, the ultimate work force requirements, at the same time, types of work environment, the load must beconsider. Must choose which has enough capacity, but also can satisfy the slingusing appropriate length way, if a plurality of sling is used at the same time liftingload, must use the same type of sling; flat sling materials is not affected byenvironment or the influence of load. No matter the attachment or soft ear if need,must carefully consider the sling terminal and accessories and hoisting equipmentmatching.

2, the restriction of the use of perspective when using flat slings soft lug, minimal use of ear length cannot be less than 3.5 times and ear contact part of the hookmaximum thickness, and lug angle should not exceed 20 ° activities. When the connection with soft lug slings and lifting appliances, slings and lifting appliancescontact portion must be kept, unless the axial width does not exceed 75mm, since the bending radius heavy accessories must be at least 0.75 times the width of theaxial. For example: width sling hook on the radius of at least 0.75 times the width of the fabric slings axial. Perhaps influenced by the hook inside part of radius ofinfluence, cargo hook curvature results hinder strength in fabric width balancedfunction. Sling forbidden overload, must use the coefficient of the right way, a part of extreme work force may have on the label paper, multiple combination slingcannot exceed the maximum angle and vertical direction.

3, following the lifting experience good plan good lifting and portable operation planat the beginning of hoisting before.

4, lifting, the correct use of sling connection sling in safety mode correct placement,connected to the load, should be placed in the sling load to load can slingequilibrium width; always not kink or twist sling suture site cannot be placed on a hook or a hoisting equipment, and always put in the upstanding portion of hangers,to prevent damage from load, label by hook and the locking angle.

Symmetry is evaluated using 5, multiple combination sling note multiple combinationsling limit working capacity depends on the combination of sling load, when thelifting sling branch, according to the design of symmetric distribution of uniform, with the same vertical angle. 3 combined sling, if force branch not according to uniform design, the maximum strength in a branch, it will be the sum design angle near thebranch most bearing force, the same results in 4 combined sling, if not rigid load,will also count. Note: for the rigid load, most of the gravity may be 3 of them, oreven 2 support arm, remaining the only protect the load balance

6, lifting sling sling, protection from sharp edges, friction and wear, whether it is far away from the load or lifting appliances, should strengthen and protect the properpart sling without sharp edges and wear failure, the necessary additional strengthening protection supplement is a must.

7, to ensure that the crane, load balance in the lifting process, must use the safe way to use a sling, cannot let the load skew or falling from the sling; must be arranged in the center of gravity and sling load hoisting point straight above, let theload balance, stability, if the load is not focused on hoisting points, sling exercise inMay over key. Dangerous.

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